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Hi all!

So the time finally has come! Without teasing you further I present you the winners of the Applejack Appreciation Contest!

The winner of the Best Technique category is  Ain't Nopony Like Applejack! by donttouchmommy by :icondonttouchmommy:

The winner of the Best visual representation of the theme is <da:thumb id="400056231"/> by :iconcosmosogurl:

The winner of the Best impact category is  I Am Not A Background Pony! by brony-in-the-shadows by :iconbrony-in-the-shadows:

And last but not at least the Judges' favourite is  Don't Eat Those Muffins!!! by almond-rose by :iconalmond-rose:

Congratulations for the winners and all the participants! You did a wonderful job, you should be proud! And don't worry if you didn't win this time. You'll get your chance next time.